Good Bye Pepa

Pepa died Tuesday evening just after 6:00. My father and my Uncle Tim each held one of his hands while he quietly left this world. 4 Days earlier he had said it would be on this day, this Tuesday that he would die. He always did things his own way. I found it fitting that he somehow choose the day he would die. I was at the Y taking Blue and Quin to their swim lessons when it happened. Considering Pepa’s impressive swim history, in my mind this too was somehow fitting.

Today was the funeral. I sit here alone in my family room. Glad to finally be alone. Trying to process the day. Proccess the past week. Process the loss of my Pepa.

I am thankful. Thankful to of known him. Thankful EVERYthing he gave me. Thankful for every moment I had with him.

I know that I am blessed. Blessed to of had him as a grandfather. Blessed to of had him in my life as long as I did.

But my heart aches. My tears fall. I can’t help to be sad. Sad that I can’t have another hug from him. Sad that you can never have enough of the ones you love.

Rest in peace Pepa.
Love you. Thank you.
I will always smile when thinking you.

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